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  1. Shannon says:

    The HYPERLINK(callme… function doesn’t work in Excel 2010. It returns the error message “Cannot open the specified file”. Does it only work with Excel 2013? If so, is there another way to do this with 2010?

  2. well, i must have that locked, you are not supposed to click on those cells. just move your mouse.

    1. Shannon says:

      No, it’s not locked, but I figured out the issue now that you’ve said you are just supposed to hover the mouse over the cell…I had the calculations set to manual. Changing it to automatic corrected the problem. Thank you. I love this, although I still have to figure out what I will use it for.

  3. Hi Rajan,
    I’m impressed by your chart(s). I think I haven’t seen something like this although I knew about the hyperlink-mouse over trick.
    ==>My big question: could you explain to ‘us’ how your chart works. A step by step description from scratch … beginning with an empty worksheet.
    Two small remarks:
    – numbering by Web 01 to Web 10, 11 etc. A leading zero in text-numbers is a great help.
    – some kind of sorting in the table(s) and the chart (Web 01 on top, Web 02 one to the right, etc.)
    – I prefer grouped columns over hidden. I think they are more user friendly.

  4. Sorry, THREE (3) small remarks ;-).

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