Link Chart

here is another graph i have created using XY to show the items under a category or category belongs to multiple items. see the below table that you can fill 1 in, and chart will update automatically.


Here you can select Category and Items in this table to the left and graphs will highlight the links












Download the file from here 


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  1. Awesome. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Chip Griswold III says:

    Impressive, but I was not able to change anything and make it work???

    1. You are supposed to change the data the in the table showing in first screenshot , i can guess what problem you are having, each time you change anything in that table a macro is getting fired to update the chart , so go slowly to update that table.else you can hit design button in developer tab to stop the macro temporarily , i must have the “Refresh Chart” button there, will try to have that for you.

      Keep excelling, thanks for you comment.

  3. This tool is amazing!!!

    Are you planning to change the position of the center circles (skills) according to the text length and number of skills?

    You have space for 27 skills, however, if I enter more than 12 skills each one with more than 4 letters the circles and text get all cramped.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    1. Hey orlando ,
      Those are marker size and can resize manually, and you would love to have a look another chart i have created.

      1. I can’t change the marker size because the worksheet is password protected. Can you provide me the password or send me an unprotected version?

        1. password is j33hqiwy8@12345

          1. Appreciate it!! You’re the best!!

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