Link Chart 3

Download the file from here see Link Chart 2 see Link Chart 1 Thanks Rajan

Link Chart 2

The last chart i posted here was showing item link to a category and vice versa , This one shows each items links with other items.   download the file from here unlock the file with “j33hqiwy8@12345”

Link Chart

here is another graph i have created using XY to show the items under a category or category belongs to multiple items. see the below table that you can fill 1 in, and chart will update automatically. Here you can select Category and Items in this table to the left and graphs will highlight the…

Tree Chart

Hi Guys, This chart shows the hierarchy, anyone can use this to build organization chart, family tree etc. i have tried to make it simple, user just need to fill the data in first two columns. and the graph will update automatically. feedback and suggestions are welcome. Download the file from here