Encrypt and Decrypt Text

Here is a basic Function to Encrypt and Decrypt  any text
Public Function evtEncrypt_Decrypt(strText As String, strPWD As String) As String
    Dim byteText() As Byte
    Dim bytePWD() As Byte
    Dim intPWDPos As Integer
    Dim intPWDLen As Integer
    Dim intLoop As Integer
    byteText = strText
    bytePWD = strPWD
    intPWDLen = LenB(strPWD)
    For intLoop = 0 To LenB(strText) – 1
        intPWDPos = (intLoop Mod intPWDLen)
        byteText(intLoop) = byteText(intLoop) Xor bytePWD(intPWDPos)
    Next intLoop
    evtEncrypt_Decrypt = byteText
End Function
You can download the .xlsm from here
Sub test()
    Dim strSource As String
    Dim strtargeten As String
    Dim strtargetde As String
    Dim strpass As String
    strSource = “manoj”
    strpass = “maya”
    strtargeten = evtEncrypt_Decrypt(strSource, strpass)
    strtargetde = evtEncrypt_Decrypt(strtargeten, strpass)
End Sub
Thanks for Reading
Rajan Verma

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ned says:

    VBA code isn’t working.
    Can you post a sample file? or send me mail with a sample file.

  2. HI ned, you can download the file now

    Thanks for comments
    Rajan verma

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