Showing Values on Angle:

here is chart to show value on Angle Suppose you have data like below table : Angle Strength 45 40 90 60 135 50 180 90 225 45 270 55 300 65 315 60 360 80 Here is a trick to show This data on chart, Here is xlsx file Thanks Rajan

Join [Vba Method]

JOIN its a method to concatenation values in a string variable , you can use this trick to avoid a Loop for this purpose.         Sub MakeString()     Dim strSting As String     strSting = Join(Application.Transpose(Selection), “,”)     Debug.Print strSting End Sub

Looping Through Each Region on Sheet

  Somewhere i found this interesting question . How to loop through Each Regions on a worksheet   this subroutine can loop every regions on worksheets , i was also thinking for a better way (if possible please post here)   Sub AllCurrentRegions()       Dim rngUsedRange        As Range    …

Unique List From All worksheet.

Get Unique Element from all worksheet at new sheet Sub GetUnique()     Dim wksSheet As Worksheet     Dim VarArr     Dim lngCOunt As Long     With CreateObject(“Scripting.Dictionary”)     For Each wksSheet In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets         VarArr = wksSheet.Range(“A1”).CurrentRegion         For Each kk In VarArr  …

Bubble Chart :

Bubble chart represent Data in form of Bubble on X or Y Axis , every point of Bubble accept 3 argument X, Y and Size, you can refer below table to create a bubble chart. Name X Y Size A 70 40 1256 B 46 74 1433 C 67 94 1266 D 58 80 884…