Text to column

Hi,if you are finding a code such like Text to Column . it can help you     Sub TextToColumn()        Dim ArrList        Dim rngCell As Range        Dim strDelimeter    As String        strDelimeter = Application.InputBox(“Please Provide a Delimeter”, “Text To Column”)       …

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welcome   to this quiz , you need to write a function to get the file extension through either a VBA function or inbuilt excel function FIleName . Book1.Doc Book.book1.xls book.book1.book1.xlsx book.book.book.book1.xlsm Hope you will post a excellent function 🙂

Age Calculation :

If Current Date in A1 and Date of Birth in B2 then Put this Function to Calculate Age: =DATEDIF(B2,B1,”Y”)&” Year “&DATEDIF(B2,B1,”YM”)&” Month “&DATEDIF(B2,B1,”MD”)&” Days”

Get Last Populated Cell Address

Paste it on worksheet Change the Range Address and Press Shift+Ctrl+Enter =IFERROR(ADDRESS(MAX(IF(LEN(A1:I36)>0,ROW(A1:I36)),0),MAX(IF(LEN(INDIRECT(MAX(IF(LEN(A1:I36)>0,ROW(A1:I36)),0)&”:”&MAX(IF(LEN(A1:I36)>0,ROW(A1:I36)),0)))>0,COLUMN(INDIRECT(MAX(IF(LEN(A1:I36)>0,ROW(A1:I36)),0)&”:”&MAX(IF(LEN(A1:I36),ROW(A1:I36)),0)))))),0)

Hide and Show

Sub HideAll()    With Application        .DisplayFormulaBar = False        .DisplayScrollBars = False        .DisplayStatusBar = False    End With    With ActiveWindow        .DisplayGridlines = False        .DisplayHeadings = False        .DisplayHorizontalScrollBar = False        .DisplayVerticalScrollBar = False     …

Assigning Value

It’s a best way to Assign Multiple values to Range By Array Sub AssignValues()Range(“A1:D1”).Value = Array(“Sr.No”, “Name”, “Contact”, “Address”)End Sub

Delete Multiple worksheets

You can use this code to delete multiple sheet without loop Sub DeleteSheet() Application.DisplayAlerts = False     Worksheets(Array(“Sheet1”, “Sheet1”, “Sheet1”)).Delete Application.DisplayAlerts = True End Sub

JOIN its a method to concatenation values in a string variable , you can use this trick to avoid a Loop for this purpose. Sub MakeString()     Dim strSting As String     strSting = Join(Application.Transpose(Selection), “,”)     Debug.Print strSting End Sub

Evaluate :

EVALUATE  is method in VBA which can evaluate any Function of Excel in VBA and can return the value in a variable. To make your code faster you can use this EVALUATE trick in VBA to avoide extra looping .. it can work  till 255 cells Like if you want to Change Case of some…